Dear All

Tilapia lake virus (TiLV) is the focus of two article updates on the website today.

The first is a schematic representation of the confirmed TiLV outbreaks around the world. You will note from this diagram that it is enjoying a high prevalence along the eastern part of Africa and that TiLV is present in one of our neighbouring countries, namely Mozambique.

The second article article gives you more information about TiLV, the danger it poses to tilapia production and the clinical signs of infection.

One of the ways that fish diseases can spread is when you introduce fingerlings into your productions systems that are carrying diseases. It is therefore very important that you only buy fingerlings from a reputable farmer/hatchery who has disease management protocols in place and constantly monitors the health of his/her fish. Take the time to phone around and ask the opinion of established farmers before you buy from a particular farmer/supplier – you will quickly be made aware of any negative experiences! 

We have included an article in this update that gives you some some additional food for thought on the matter of buying fingerlings.