Dear All

As a result of the high levels of interest in this meeting, we offer those members who were unable to attend the following highly summarised feedback.

At the start of the meeting presentations were made by TAASA, Nick James and on behalf of DEA, Prof. Olaf Weyl (SAIB).

The presentations were positively received and presented balanced view points on the use of Nile tilapia in the provinces where this remains a contentious issue (Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal). The presentations can be viewed at and we encourage you to view them.

In the ensuing discussions, the following issues were frequently highlighted:

The meeting concluded with the establishment of a committee (representative of the industry, DEA officials in the provinces where permitting remains a challenge, DAFF officials and members of the scientific community) with the express purpose of establishing guidelines/frameworks for the issuing of Nile tilapia.

The first meeting will take place in August and the urgency with which this work needs to be conducted and concluded, was highlighted by many sector role players, including TAASA. We will endeavour to keep members abreast of developments in this committee.