Dear All

Please find below summarised discussion points and additional information from our recent executive committee meetings for the attention of members.

Executive committee structure:

Chair – Valdi Pereira (

Vice- Chair – Neville Futter (

Secretary – Colin Mackenzie (

Treasurer – Justin Hess (

Special Portfolio – Training – Johan Potgieter (

Special Portfolio – Veterinary Services – Dr Gillian Taylor (

Special Portfolio – Technical and Farming Services – Pier Schutte (

Special Portfolio – Emerging Farmer Development – Dr Abner Tlakula (

Special Portfolio – Technical and Farming Services – Dudley Foster (

It is important to note that the special portfolios are not cast in stone and executive committee members regroup around matters as growth and development occurs in various areas of the sector.


Valdi Pereira gave the feedback that he received from various members after the AGM and this along with the various other concerns raised at the AGM were discussed. In summary there are a number of proposed solutions that will be implemented with the aim on focusing on the future.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Valdi Pereira noted that the process will bring many challenges but also opportunities created and TAASA is well positioned to act upon these.

A formal response regarding the proposed zoning has been sent to SEA co-ordinating committee. Amongst others, TAASA’s response centred around the lack of identification of current permit holders as it relates to the proposed zoning areas and highlighting the fact that they have a vested interest in the aquaculture process. Taking this into account the members from the Exco will assist in gathering the details of the various permit holders to include them on the list. Thanks is also due to members that took the trouble to respond to the proposed zoning via TAASA.

Additional information(based on discussions TAASA has had with the CSIR) for members to be aware of regarding the SEA process is as follows:

There is a lot being done by TAASA to provide constructive input into this process. We are constantly engaging with senior departmental officials (DAFF and DEA) to ensure the positive side of tilapia farming story is also being heard.

Pathogen Project


New Member Applications

The following new members applications were received, reviewed and approved.



TAASA  continues to provide input to the development of the curriculum for the Aqua Culture Farmer qualification that will be registered with the Quality Counsel for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).  The full qualification will be on the level of farm supervisors/new upcoming farmers and a part qualification on farm worker level. This process is basically complete and we will be looking at the development of course material, contextualised for tilapia production, in the near future.

Constitution review

The revised constitution along with revised proxy forms and nomination forms are available on the website. The revised constitution, will be presented for adoption at next year’s AGM. All members must please consider the revised constitution – should you have any input, you have until 31 October to provide comments. Please email your comments and inputs to for consideration. The revised constitution can be found at

PESTLE Evaluation

A sectoral assessment has been conducted by the exco and this is available on the website. The purpose of this exercise was to identify areas of development and opportunity within the sector. The document can be viewed at

AIS Stakeholder Meeting

Talks around the issue of AIS permits for the use of Nile Tilapia will be taking place with DEA (and their regional representatives) on 20 July. The meeting is taking place in Pretoria at Environment House: Cnr Steve Biko and Soutpansberg, starting at 10:00. TAASA will be making a presenation and we hope that decisions will be made to move permitting in provinces such as Limpopo, Mpumalana and KwaZulu-Natal forward.