Dear All

 The University of Pretoria’s, Department of Paraclinical Sciences within the Faculty of Veterinary Science, is undertaking a tilapia disease research project.

 The research is being led by Dr Gillian Taylor, a letter explaining the project details can be found at  I urge everyone that currently possess a production system or dam of 100m3 or more to complete the research project response questionnaire (which can be found at ) and participate in the survey.

 This is a countrywide project and your farming operation stands to benefit tremendously from potential disease identification.

 At this early stage there is no cost involved to become part of the surveillance project and there are no pre-conditions in terms of permits and other regulatory compliance to be concerned about.

 I trust everyone will understand the enormous benefit this holds on an individual basis and for the future of the sector.

 Please give your co-operation and help lay the foundations for this sector’s success.