Dear All

I trust you have enjoyed a good festive season and that you are looking forward to a prosperous 2016.

Whilst we do not wish to finish off the year on a negative note, we believe it is important to address our concerns to you regarding the recent Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application by an Aquaculture Association of South Africa (AASA) representative, for information regarding Nile Tilapia permit holders.

TAASA is not affiliated to AASA. There is almost no representation by the tilapia farming community within AASA structures because the contribution to the needs of farmers and assisting them in overcoming challenges, has historically been very limited.

There is no justification for the sudden interest by AASA in tilapia farming, other than an effort to subsume the progress that has been made by tilapia producers in recent years.

Ultimately the decision to provide information remains yours. However, we view the request as inconsistent with the attitude that AASA has displayed towards tilapia aquaculture in the past and see no fundamental shift in its stance, in this regard.

While I have no doubt that many of you have your own views in this regard. I urge you to exercise your rights in this regard and react to the PAIA application and not to simply let the mandatory period lapse - in so doing allowing your details to be shared.