Dear All

We would like to express our thanks towards everyone that took the time to complete the production survey. The results have proved to be interesting and will certainly guide us on the way forward.

The survey results are available to participants only. If you would like to see the outcomes please send an email to with the word ‘Respondent’ in the subject line.

As an association we field an enormous amount of enquiries from people who are interested in entering the sector. While it is gratifying to see this interest, the wide ranging nature of the enquiries often makes it difficult for us to respond promptly.

Fortunately we recently discovered an aquaculture guideline published by DAFF that is designed to give a high level overview of the sector. It is in our opinion a fairly good summation of the requirements needed by new investors in the sector. In particular page 43 of the guideline succinctly details the permitting requirements (which are many and varied).

The Guideline to the Aquaculture Sector can be found at and we would like to encourage you to make potential new entrants to the sector aware of it.