Dear All
Below please find predictions for tilapia market trends and growth by Kevin Fitzsimmonds. The predictions are slightly skewed in terms of focusing on the Americas but there is still a lot of relevance to our local markets.
• By 2015, total production in the Americas will increase to 500,000 t/y;
• Sex-reversed O. niloticus will account for the majority of tilapia production;
• Genetically male tilapia and all-male hybrids will provide a majority of fingerlings;
• O. aureus and O. mossambicus will be used only to create hybrids;
• Red strains will account for 20–30% of all tilapia produced;
• Most tilapia fingerlings will come from intensive hatchery/nursery operations;
• Intensive ponds will provide 50% of production;
• Large scale cage operations will provide 20–30% of production;
• Indoor recirculating systems will provide 10% of production;
• Nutrition will improve with FCR’s approaching 1.0;
• Mexico and Brazil will be the major producers and major consumers in the Americas;
• US will be the 3rd largest producer in the Americas, 3rd largest consumer in the Americas, and the largest importer;
• Production will be more intensive in every country;
• More processing will occur in countries of origin;
• Amount of “value adding” will increase rapidly with more fillets, breading, marinated product will enter markets;
• 5% of tilapia will be grown in polyculture with Macrobrachium, red claw, cachama or other fish.