Dear All

 As some of you are aware certain provincial conservation authorities have issued permits for the use of Oreochromis Niloticus in RAS.

 In some instances (and in a number of provinces) there have been long delays or refusal of permits. A number of members have approached us requesting assistance in finding ways to resolve this challenge.

 As a result TAASA exco has discussed with DAFF and DEA officials the possibility of having these challenges addressed at national level.

They have agreed to review the refusals and investigate applications that have suffered lengthy delays. In order for this to happen we are appealing to all members that have experienced problems with permits to forward the details to me via email for attention.

 The following information is needed:

Please note these applications relate only to fish permits. We are not addressing EIAs or basic/risk assessment challenges.

We also need to be realistic in terms of the assistance the two departments can render. For example, if your RAS is situated on the border of a wetland conservancy and your permit has been refused – there are other prescribed processes you will have to follow.

What DAFF and DEA are willing to address is any potential inconsistencies (with due consideration to the environmental context) between provinces in terms of granting the permits.

If you need assistance I will appreciate it if you can send me your details as soon as possible. I need the information by Thursday 22 May as the departments are meeting early in the following week and I need to get the information to them.

If you are experiencing a serious challenge, make use of this opportunity.