Dear All

As most of you are aware one of the biggest challenges in tilapia farming is the difficulty in gaining access to information and knowledge resources. While there is certainly a lot of information available on the internet, most of it is based on conditions in foreign countries with different climates and working conditions.

There is clearly a need for the development of a tilapia farming guide, which captures the lessons learnt by local farmers and draws on the input from subject matter experts. The development of such a book will require extensive resources and presently we have a few avenues open for exploration, which we believe will aid us in making this book a reality.

In order to take the process forward, we need your input with respect to the content of the book. We have put together a content framework for you to consider, it is available at:

Please download it and rank your requirements in terms of the content. Please email your survey input to me at

We appreciate you efforts in this regard – your input will help us shape the content to ensure that the publication is meaningful to existing and new entrants into this field.