The Tilapia Aquaculture Association of South Africa (TAASA)

The mission

“The establishment of The Tilapia Aquaculture Association of South Africa in order to promote the sustainable development of Tilapia Aquaculture”.


The purposes of the Tilapia Aquaculture Association of South Africa are:

  1. To attract, promote or increase the development of aquaculture facilities in areas which are particularly suitable for aquaculture;
  2. To manage and control aquaculture in those areas;
  3. To encourage the transfer of technology and the development of responsible aquaculture practises;
  4. To generate or increase employment in aquaculture;
  5. To protect aquaculture developments;
  6. To ensure responsible planning of aquaculture.


Our proposal is to facilitate controversies, needs, and input within the South African Tilapia Growers industry in South Africa, and is the following:

  1. To establish a formal communication link between members of the general public who have a vested interest in Tilapia aquaculture specifically, and aquaculture in general, and the organs of government that are concerned with such matters.
  2. Its function will be to stand astride both parties, to absorb and to digest the needs of both parties,
    1. to communicate these respective needs to the other party,
    2. to argue constructively,
    3. to discuss and
    4. to arbitrate such matters where necessary,
    5. to make recommendations, and to help reach consensus when and/or where disagreements arise.
  3. The envisaged composition of this association will ensure that government is properly and holistically informed about ideas, the concerns, and the needs of those members of the general public that have vested interest in Tilapia aquaculture specifically and aquaculture in general. This is something that many members of the aquaculture industry believe is deficient at this time. At the same time it will provide government with a platform acceptable to, and representative of, those with vested interest in Tilapia aquaculture specifically and aquaculture in general to communicate its own needs and objectives.
  4. The association will concern itself with matters concerning aquaculture specifically and agriculture in general.
  5. An adherence to this association will be determine by the acceptability of nominated members of the association; and the acceptability of those members of the provincial government who are, at any time, involved with the formation, the composition and/or the functions of this association.


A commitment to the Tilapia Aquaculture Association of South Africa will be based upon an individual’s understanding and acceptance of:

  1. The maintenance of  essential ecological processes and life support systems;
  2. The recycling of nutrient’s;
  3. The sustainable use and the cleansing of waters on which human survival and development depend;
  4. To preserve genetic diversity on which depend the functioning of many of the processes and life-support systems;
  5. The breeding programmes necessary for the protection and improvement of wild fish species, as well as domesticated genetically improved fish species and micro-organisms, as well as scientific and medical advancements and technical innovation;
  6. The security of the many industries that use living resources and
  7. To ensure the sustainable utilisation of species and ecosystems, which support millions of rural communities as well as major industries.


The composition, the size and the manner in which the association will function will be determined by those upholding the constitution of this association and by appropriate officials in government.